YouTuber Rubiu5 Surpasses One Million Viewers While Streaming Fortnite

Zac Cameron,

March 25, 2018 5:05 PM

The Fortnite craze just keeps growing, with Spanish YouTuber Rubiu5 setting an all-time high record with over one million viewers on his stream

With the worldwide craze over Fortnite only growing by the day, it seems that records are being broken every time a stream fires up. The latest record comes not from Twitch, however, with Spanish YouTuber Rubiu5 breaking over one million concurrent viewers on his stream today.

Rubiu5 was streaming a Fortnite tournament which featured several high profile Latin American streamers and YouTubers, but the main draw came from his own fan base, with over twenty-eight million YouTube subscribers to his own channel.

In a post stream tweet to his fans, Rubiu5 thanked his viewers for breaking the record and stated his gratitude for the unforgettable night. You can catch the full video of the stream here.

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