Dr. DisRespect Turns Up The Heat In These Fortnite Highlights

Nicholas Barth,

March 26, 2018 6:55 AM

The high octane streamer is known for his aggressive gameplay and take no prisoners attitude. We take a look at his best moments in Epic Games' battle royale title.

Guy Beahm is one of the biggest streamers on the popular streaming platform Twitch, as his Dr. DisRespect character has become a fan favorite with tens of thousands of viewers tuning in to every one of his streams. Enjoying the highly aggressive and exciting gameplay that the two-time, back to back Blockbuster Video Game Champion is known for, the streamer's massive following cheer on the Doc as he competes in a variety of competitive games with battle royale titles being the main focus of his lineup.

While Dr. DisRespect has mostly been known for playing H1Z1 and Player Unknown Battlegrounds, he has recently taken up Fortnite: Battle Royale and has collected a few impressive highlights in his playing time. We have decided to take a look at five of his very best compiled by the YouTube channel Top Fortnite Battle Royale Clips.

The first clip shows off the psychic ability of the Doc, as he is able to accurately predict where the enemy sniper is going to appear next time and land a perfect sniper shot on the location to collect the elimination. Does Dr.DisRespect have a unknown superpower or has his vast experience of battle royale combat given him a unparrelled sense of intuition?

Our next highlight consists of the streamer engaging in some looting before he and his teammate are ambushed by an enemy with the high ground. Equipping his sniper and quickly locking on to his target, the high octane streamer is able to land a headshot on his enemy to knock them out and take out the threat.

Next up we see Dr. DisRespect engaged in the last battle to claim a victory royale. With his teammate getting knocked out, the Doc is able to get behind one of his enemies and take them out with his assualt rifle. Seeing the opening for the victory, he is able to quip his pump shotgun and eliminate the final opponent by shooting them right out of the air to secure the match victory. 

You must be very careful if you are going to take on Dr. DisRespect on the battlegrounds of Fortnite. (Source: Mohzart)
You must be very careful if you are going to take on Dr. DisRespect on the battlegrounds of Fortnite. (Source: Mohzart)

Next up is by far the most creative highlight of the video, as the Doc begins his assault on his last two remaining enemies by riding a RPG rocket towards the opponents' base. Taking on two enemies by himself, the streamer is able to knock down one enemy with his pump shotgun, but soon runs out of ammo and has to switch to his Scar. With only 20 health points left, he is able to collect the win by mowing down his last opponent with the powerful weapon. 

The final highlight of Dr. DisRespect's best Fortnite plays consists of another RPG rocket ride to begin the action. Flying right towards the last enemy's base, the Doc is able to land a perfect headshot on the barely peaking opponent to grab the elimination and the victory royale as he flew at an unprecented speed.

Will any player ever dethrone the Doc from his throne as the video game champion of Twitch? If he keeps pulling off highlight plays like these, it is unlikely he will allow any challenger take his crown. 

(cover photo courtesy of Razer)


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