GTL: Overwatch League Faces Leaked Code of Conduct and Mental Health Issues

Twin Galaxies Editorial Staff,

March 30, 2018 3:17 PM

With the recent leaking of the official Code of Conduct, and the mental health of players taking center stage, fans have many questions regarding Blizzard's Overwatch League.

With the recent release of the Overwatch League's official Code of Conduct by esports journalist Richard Lewis, many members of the esports community are confused with why this document was not made public from the very beginning and concerned with some of the rules and regulations it imposes on players. The topic of players' mental health in the league has also been brought to the forefront with the recent situation of New York Excelsior player Do-Hyeon "Pine" Kim opting out of competing to take take time to focus on his mental well being. Game Talk Live discusses these topics and more with Host Mandie Roman, who is joined by a panel including associate producer Bud McLaine, video game journalist Sofia Hariz and Overbuff social media coordinator Sabriel Mastin. 

With the official Code of Conduct of the Overwatch League officially now available for public viewing, many have questioned why the document and its details were not published officially by Blizzard for the public to see. Each panelist gives their thoughts and opinions on why they believe Blizzard did not have the Code of Conduct out in the public, such as Blizzard's past of being tight lipped on details of products and services or that they believed that without context certain rules would be misunderstood by the public.

Discussion moves onto how the release of this Code of Conduct could possibly push for the creation of a player's union for the Overwatch League or esports in general. While a union could help in certain areas, such as helping players understand exactly what they are getting into when they sign a contract and helping avoid these young players from being taken advantage of, the esports industry's young age makes it difficult to know exactly what is needed for a union to succeed in this particular field. 


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