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Red Reserve Jump Into Competitive Fortnite With New Pro Roster

Red Reserve are known for their Call of Duty team and CS:GO roster, and yesterday they jumped into the upcoming Fortnite scene with a professional roster for the season ahead.

Fortnite’s competitive scene hasn’t been officially announced yet, but details are expected any day now and plenty of organisations are jumping into the scene as quickly as possible to be prepared. Myth represents Team SoloMid, while Ninja is a player for Luminosity and Shroud dons the Cloud9 jersey, and now Red Reserve have recruited a squad of four, plus a coach, to lead their organisation to some Victory Royale success.

The squad that will represent Red Reserve in Fortnite.

Despite being a Swedish organisation, they’ve obtained a solely American roster consisting of Dalton ‘Tempted’ Chamberlin, Daniel ‘Kiwiface’ Dorfman, Alex ‘Complexities’ Zahariev, Jack ‘WallHackJack’ Franzen, and Justin ‘Kryptic’ Pena as their coach. This aspiring squad will take on other lineups across the world for the ultimate Victory Royale - or so we assume, since we’re still waiting for the details on the competitive season.

“Our new team belongs to the absolute top of the world and is part of our strategy to create one of the world’s strongest brands in esports. Fortnite’s popularity will attract sponsors and partners and we are looking forward to our investment in Fortnite,” says Patrik Andersson, CEO of Red Reserve. “Fortnite has in a short time become extremely popular both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. For Red Reserve, it’s a strong message of strength to quickly be able to tie up and contract some of the world’s best and highest ranked players.”

This news comes shortly after Red Reserve obtained a trio of Hearthstone players including former American champion Cydonia. You can read the full announcement on the official Red Reserve site, and if you’re a Fortnite player yourself looking to complete this week’s challenges, check out our nifty guide. Fortnite will no doubt become one of the top esports in the world when the competitive scene launches after the amount of publicity it’s gotten, especially since Ninja’s stream with Drake that broke 635,000 concurrent viewers.

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