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06-07-2018 at 09:15 AM
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Who wants some tracks for the Shooting Watch?

Maybe a single finger mash like in my vid, a double finger tap, rubbing and double thumbs. Haha! Never mind. Who the heck even has one besides a few of us loons? LOL!

  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Sooo Fast!
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  2. PAUL's Avatar
    oh nice! i want one! there is a dsiware game of this. maybe a track for that, if there is not already one?
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  3. PAUL's Avatar
    no wonder you're so fast track & field fingers ;)
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  4. Fly's Avatar
    Got 190 with a double finger tap. I did 253 with the technique that I use in NES Track and Field, and I still have 2 faster techniques. Hehe. But I would have to strap it to a table for 7 finger. Haha. Not gonn a happen.
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  5. PAUL's Avatar
    lol 7 finger damn do you have a Nintendo DS/i/3DS Hector? do you have that digital shooting watch? i think i have it.
  6. Fly's Avatar
    No DS of any type. But I think I have the digital as an unlockable in a game I never played either on GameCube or N64. So not unlocked and don't know which game would be NO. Haha.

    But I do have the SNES style of shooting watch too.

    And I just got 283 with a 2 finger rubbing tech. Too easy and not fun. Could probably crack 300 with that.
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  7. Fly's Avatar
    327 on my 2nd try
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  8. PAUL's Avatar
    where did you find that? i want one!!
  9. Fly's Avatar
    Easy to find but pricey for what it is. Well worth it for me. Try EBay.
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  10. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    I wanted to show a friend your video but it is unavailable now.

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  11. Fly's Avatar

    Thanks for the heads up. I accidentally did a duplicate and deleted the original. Here's the link again.

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