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07-30-2019 at 04:58 PM
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Track & Field/Hyper Sports rearranged?! Whats this?

Exciting news on some Track & Field Shtuff! I'll be beta testing and have been allowed to stream when I do it! Super cool! super crazy! I'm so hyped! Any day now!

Before this they have only let out a few teaser videos. So the very first place you all can see the game (still in beta form) is here!

Possible new events! New practice mode per event. Online leader boards. Each game individually or Rearranged version. More info on the kit here.

This will be my personal website showing activity on my PCB. It currently has some stuff from a test run they did before they sent it to me.

  1. VerneV's Avatar

    Congrats Hector. Hope you have a lot of fun with that for a long time. We will be sure to check out those streams.

  2. Fly's Avatar

    Going live NOW!!!

  3. Fly's Avatar

    I ran V 1.1 for about an hour this morning. The one minor thing I found in 1.0 is fixed and no new issues. So far, So good! Gonna poke around some more right now. Live stream up in a few minutes.


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