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11-28-2019 at 06:49 AM
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Thanksgiving at work again

This is my 25th Thanksgiving in a row at work. Anyone else working today? If not, make sure you eat good and play some games for me.

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  1. sdwyer138's Avatar

    What is your work?

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  2. Fly's Avatar

    I work at the happiest place on earth. Wally World. I was the overnight supervisor for 23 years. Got tired if the BS and stepped down last year. I just stock shelves now. Easy as pie and I go home on time now.

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  3. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    One of the most "fun" jobs I ever had was a seasonal one there-I was a cart collector(no machines then)during Christmas, in Boone, NC, and would help people take heavy stuff out to their cars, and that was the extent of my job-as long as I was caught up on carts and no packages to help with, I could literally just walk around the store, not doing a single thing except mebbe learning where everything was at, no one cared.

    One of those jobs where if you did good, no one would hassle you about anything else, because no one wanted to do it-I thought it was great!

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    25th? why are you even 25 years old you cool cat you

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  5. datagod's Avatar

    Happy Thanks giving! Most Canadians work today as well, mostly because our thanksgiving is last month before all the crops freeze.

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  6. Jace Hall's Avatar

    This is @fly at work on Thanksgiving... :)

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