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06-19-2018 at 03:09 AM
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First of Hopefully Many Score Bounties

Hello there Twin Galaxies folks!

In case you missed our latest Scoreboard Spotlight (of which I am helping put together from here on out) we have put a bounty on a score track to insight some fun and direct folks to tracks that may not have been touched or haven't gotten a recent score update.

This week (we look at games with accepted scores from Friday of the post to the previous Thursday) we put out a challenge for anyone looking to tackle Metal Slug on the Switch (track can be found here) which as of this moment has yet to receive a record.

Let's see what we can do, the rules of the track are as follows.

Number of Players = 3
Continue = No
Difficulty = Level 4
Time Settings= 60
Demo Sound = Yes
How To Play= Yes
Blood Display = Yes
Credit/Level Display = Yes/Yes
Language = English
Audio Setting= Players choice
Continuing is NOT permitted, must show these settings before playing.
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  1. Ninglendo's Avatar
    Metal Slug is a great game to play casually. Points on the other hand...

    #t=57m47s" target="_blank">#t=57m47s
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  2. Desidious's Avatar
    After having a really bad night finding out one of our beloved cats were run over among many other things, this was quite the positive feeling I needed seeing my name in the news article. It made me smile and I really needed that. Thank you so much.
  3. spectre's Avatar
    I just bought Metal Slug on Xbox One. I don't believe that there even is a track for that one....

    sorry to hear about your cat @Desidious
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  4. spectre's Avatar
    Just checked the track but there's some platforms missing in the dropdown?

    Where's MAME and Arcade?
  5. spectre's Avatar
    @ForeverClassic105 what is the bounty?
  6. spectre's Avatar
    @ForeverClassic105 what is the bounty?
  7. ForeverClassic105's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Desidious
    After having a really bad night .....
    Hey Desidious, I'm glad I could bring you some joy. Really sorry to hear about your pet, that makes for really tough days. Hope things get better.
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  8. ForeverClassic105's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by spectre
    @ForeverClassic105 what is the bounty?
    Hey spectre, so right now there isn't any prize or anything attached to the bounty. I'd like to offer prizes in the future, but right now they're just for fun. Switch is handy because there are a lot of score-based games.
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