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07-01-2018 at 10:04 PM
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First Score Submission in the books!

Welp, after several attempts, I beat a personal best and submitted my score for Metal Slug on the Switch. Cool game, but trying to beat it without continues makes it that much more interesting.

All you folk putting up amazing scores or sweet speedruns are inspiring, so keep it up!
  1. Pixe Sukola's Avatar
    Hi Alex, I received a notification today that your submission was cancelled, which means that people who have voted YES so far have to change their vote to NO or they will lose credibility.

    Is there any reason why this submission is being cancelled?
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  2. ForeverClassic105's Avatar
    This is likely due to a rule that hadn't really come up until now @Pixe, but Twin Galaxies staff, even though Editorial is separate, are not allowed to compete with scores. It could be something revisited in the future, but I have to agree with the call on it for my case.

    What this means for me is that I'll just have to find other ways to compete, like a speedrun or something that I can add to other leaderboards or just competing with mates on my friends list and the online boards. I do love a good challenge, I just won't be archiving anything here.

    So for now, I won't be putting up scores, but I am still keeping an eye on them for cool content opportunities and to highlight our players through the Scoreboard Spotlight. Thanks to everyone who were excited on my first submission, but it was both the first and the last.

    Stay cool,
    Alex McC
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  3. Pixe Sukola's Avatar
    That's really unfortunate and to my view, restrictive and unfair. I understand the rule that people inside the company can't participate in some events due to advantages, etc. In this case, the only advantage you could have is that you could pick you own scores for the weekly spotlight. So how about you can submit scores but they can never be picked for said article. I really don't see the reason to not let you submit scores at all.

    Let's remember that the community is responsible for the adjudication and revision of the scores. And this would imply that TG doesn't really trust the vote of the people adjudicating. I hope TG comes up with a more reasonable decision on this.
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  4. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    I've been trying to play more than be political the last little bit, but I guess I do have an opinion on this, based on Pixes response.

    I agree with you, Pixe, but I think the hesitancy on TG's side to allow "staff" to submit may be based on the stigma that refereeing has produced, applying to scores from the past.

    But you are correct-even Jayce Hall himself couldn't submit a screwy score here without someone standing up and saying, "Whoa!"(not that he would, just an example.).
    Most everyone likes me, plain and simple-I don't hurt anyone's feelings, and they don't hurt mine, simple.
    I've been called out multiple times-not for cheating, but simple mistakes that could easily have been glossed over unnoticed-no one here wants a bad score on the boards.

    I personally have the time, interest, and knowledge to possibly contribute to Twin Galaxies on a "professional level", but there's simply no way I'd give up scoring to do so.

    I understand policies, and if TG stands by this I definitely understand and sympathize, but it is a shame for passionate gamers to not be allowed to game.
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  5. Pixe Sukola's Avatar
    I wasn't around for the Referees age of TG but if that was the case, I would definitely agree that a referee can't aprove his or her own scores (but still submit them), but nowadays the deliberation on a score doesn't fall on one person and it doesn't even fall on staff members, that's why this rule seems unnecesary.

    I would definitely love to see a submission by Jace Hall or Dave Hawksett for example, the sense of community would be even greater, to see the top dogs participating in the activity we all love, and not jus behind their computers running the thing and (sometimes) hating our dramas.
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  6. ForeverClassic105's Avatar
    It's something that could always change in the future I'm sure, but as of now there isn't a single record that I want to be in the books for. I just enjoy playing them. I do have a newfound respect for Metal Slug though; you notice things when trying to go for a score of beat it w/o continues.

    Either way, no big deal for me, but I'll continue to find ways to hang out with the community. Streams have been more often here of late in an effort to seem more human and connect with people more. I'm super into Bloodborne at the moment.

    Cheers all!
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