@TWIN GALAXIES - Pleae update your help section to make the above thingss clear.Screenshots and correct labelling of options, with guidance description the flow of howtrack get entereed into the TG site, the approval and activation." /> View Profile: francoisadt - Twin Galaxies Esports Ecosystem


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Hi TG I have poted earlier this week if someone can write in clear step how do one add track but no response received from TG nor tha gaming community. I have looked on TG help section, it do refer to "proposed track" option. I do not find any uch option anywhere on TG site. I only see "add

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Hi Gamers

I want to know what is the opinion of gamers on rules for bootleg games.

About Rules:
Also one by-thought, do we really need to have to show video of the PCB video for bootlegs because Bootlegs by nature are copies of the original ms.pac-man PCB anyway?

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@Twingalaxies: On TG site it do mention that we can select from a menu
"propose new track" to create new tracks but there are no such option?

Please update TG Help section and proper

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THE PAC-MAN PCB: ===================== When it comes to the actual video game arcade circuitry, Pac-Man, is actually quite simple. The Pac-man PCB (printed circuit board) has two auxiliary cards as shown to the right.
The first is the Sync bus controller, which interfaces the external devices

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It is really ridiculous that TG now do have a black colour as background. This make reading the forums very very difficult. I cannot believe this has happened, which is
contradictory to international UI Web standards for readability. Can someone post under the FAQ a step by step manner how one

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