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Ms. Pac-Man step by step
11-21-2016 at 01:06 PM
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Part 5 - Ms. Pac-man : Using "Bozeman Think Tank" Method for Eating all the ghosts for boards 3,4,5 (They Meet)

Hi Fellow Gamers

I have created Bozeman Think Tank video of how to eat all the ghost for boards 3 to 5. The Bozetank document is not clear and the method is nowhere illustrated.

After reading the document method I do realize it is very similar grouping and ghost eat method to what I have used way back in 1981/1982. So it was easy for me filling in the gap not explained in the Bozeman document regarding these ghosts eat methods.

NOTE: I did not have any information of the Bozeman Think Tank group with me then. [The rest of the world was "isolated" from any arcade gaming knowledge gained in the USA. The seen "world" of arcade gaming was USA/Canada - so it seems by those living in those countries but not really. Like hundreds of years ago humans believe the world is flat but is not. There was no knowledge sharing like today where we can read on the internet about the historic achievements of getting a "perfect pac-man". Before 1998 I did not even know who Billy Mitchell is at all. Only in 1998 I was able to connect and use the internet for the first time searching and found a historic written book/or article/or notes. Only read about it much later]. So all of these explanations given by my mspacman play was figured out by myself that time. I can recall once in early 1980s one expert gamer "John Reent", always beating me at mspacman normal speed, one day he was giving me a hint if I want to "beat" slow junior, group them and use the tunnels - which was not explained or shown to me at all. I was left out in the desert to figure it out all by myself. It was also not known by others playing the game regularly. A few of them (mspacman players from South Africa - Mitchells Plain - Cape Flats) getting scores deep in the 400s, 500s but without telling me how, playing at timeslots in the middle of the night and at secret places not to show others - how they did it/how they group. Only the topscore was evident in the cafe and was written down and recorded on the machine. But how to climb that ladder of 100m was not given step by step. So there could exist additional knowledge gained by players outside of the USA/Canada playing mspacman not previously known. Most of them we will never hear from other than if they get an interest to play mspacman again, be able to be on the internet, be able to play the game - even if it is only an emulation like Steam/Xbox - Arcade series.

Eating all ghosts at the top right energizer and the top left energizer according their method described in the document. The document only describe top right and not top left which works different to have the "same mechanism" getting the ghost.

Sue moves totally different at Top right than top left depends when pacman moves up and in the corner. Their are ways to reposition Sue which I will show in the thread "mspacman step by step" later on.

The way I have captured the top right is similar but with a difference in that when Sue is coming around the Top L shape, I did only fetch the power pill when Sue is coming down the bend and not wait till it hits 7. So run up to the powerpill when Sue is before the 7 area. The tile before the 7, just still within the bend.

This hits is to ensure when pacman runs up to the powerpill Sue reverse intime back to pacman and does not escape when the power pill gets eaten.

For top left energizer for Boards 3 to 5, there is no instructions in the Bozeman Think Tank document. So I have created a video how I have done in 19801/2 and great possibility BTT have used the same method.. (this I have used before I discover better methods in 1983 onwards and will I will show in my mspacman step by step thread)

There is no diagram , instruction, or any video done for top left energizer, so my video do show the most likely method of execution BTT guys did follow for these boards for eating all the ghost at top left.




mspacman board3to5 topleft part1 bozeman think tank method


mspacman board3to5 topright part1 bozeman think tank method


Slow Junior BTT Method:


I also have created BTT slow junior video, how to clear the paths as numbered, also have edited a diagram Dave manning did and add additional missing numbers within attached diagram btt_slow_jnr_clearance.PNG

On the video you will notice I do stop and hold just before 44. At the bend of 44 , the top left exit, that is to force the group to follow down to right exit. That is not describe as such in the BTT document but I have added that to my demonstration to ease the completion of the clearance without breaking up the group at 29.

Also what I did discover when execute the method were:

- easier to make it work if RED is at the back of the group/pack. That is because RED speed up quite alot and if the RED one is too much ahead at reversal 11 is done then the exit upwards from 13 to 29 does not work.

- Easier to position Sue (brown) one if that one is also just after the first ghost and not exactly grouped with the front ghost.

- When pacman goes up then the player must make sure the pink one stays to go back in the loop at 8.

- Also when going back up to 29. The player must hold at 29 to force the group to enter the top right tunnel to runto just before the exit of the top left tunnel, then pacman goes up to let the group force backwards, otherwise the pattern will not work. If go in too early to top left energizer path 29, 44, 45 - then the pacman will split the grouping of the ghosts at 29.

All in all great ideas which were not further explored. A much easier revised version of BTT, I will show later on on the "mspacman step by step" thread

These additions make the Bozeman Think Tank document now more complete and understandable for all.

The next post I will do a video of their Slow Chase board with a diagram.



Other in this series are:

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This article is very supplimentary to the Bozeman article as it describes in more detail to group the ghost.

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================================================== =========


slow jnr clearing technique part1 bozeman think tank method


slow jnr clearing technique part2 bozeman think tank method


slow jnr clearing technique part3b red at the back bozeman think tank method

btt_theymeet1.png (104.87 kB, 448x502 - viewed 14 times.)

btt_theymeet2.png (134.3 kB, 448x502 - viewed 14 times.)

btt_theymeet3.png (176.2 kB, 448x502 - viewed 14 times.)

btt_slow_jnr_clearance.PNG (296.74 kB, 444x480 - viewed 14 times.)

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