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Ms. Pac-Man step by step
04-14-2016 at 06:14 AM
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Ms. Pac-Man Step by Step Overview

Hi Fellow gamers

The purpose for this thread/posts would be to show and explain the how to play ms. pac-man getting the most out of it eating all the ghost from boards 1 to 21 and also to show current and new patterns in clearing the slow chase, slow junior boards.

I will start with posting a video I have very quickly (not yet cleaned up - because of time) for someone that have send me a message how to group at the ACTS board without crashing or been catch at the top U exit paths. Which quite often happen even with seasoned players. I will try to explain step - by - step giving the ground work for the principles that will be used for further boards.

I have started now with ACTS in general because that was the question asked to me, so I have thought use some the same time explaining it to one person by creating some (or odd) video with a explanation how to achieve some goal.

So every month at least (or less) so I will add something additional building up the knowledge base.

I have created a video with one board and then again the day. Did not know how I am going to explain things so method 1 and method 2 videos differ in numbering but the message get across some how.



So here alternatively the question could be restated by saying can one use another method of grouping on ACTS without using the traditional grouping

method at the U-bend and the two top exits.

First video:


I have tried to annotate within you tube but struggle with it. The labels on you tube only do show if you hover your mouse over it.

I have added labels A to G

A: When ghost are at the bottom. Lure them into passage A

B: Your pac-man will go into passage B to C

C: When at C - hold untill the last ghost is at before entering the passage at A

D: Now move quickly from C to D and back to C. Similarly what you do at the top bar at F , G, H

E: Move to E the moment the ghost that is lured away enters passage B to C

Second video:


mspacman_safe_grouping_method_acts.png (Look at the bottom of the post for the picture)

In the beginning of the video you will notice that the grouping method was successfully exersized within about 2 minutes with some techniques repeatedly done over and over again. I did group them earlier but intentionally break them up to specifically show you a technique demonstrated at 1:50.

In the beginning of the video i have created the paths with labels A to M. The blue path is the path of the ghost, the red path the path of the pacman.

First technique at 30-32 seconds. Lure the group one side and teh red one through the exit.

You can do that at both sides of the board. this will move up the ghost at the back by two lengths.

Force a break up at 47 to show the technique from the other side.

Show another technique from 1:10 to 1:15

At 1:10 move pacman up, position the pacman such to lure the ghost to the right

at 1:20 to 1:22 - lure the pink one to the left.

at 1:29 stayed down to show the pink one goes down becuase the pac-man face was pointed down direction, very important. pink goes in teh diretcion where the mouth of the pacman pointed towards.

at 1:30 slip up the side

at 1:50 goes up, look at where the pink one is positioned, at position A

Intentionally moves to the right to lure the ghost at the tail to the right and immediately goes up to let the ghost meet again.

Third video:


use different numbering but the same technique explained a third time in case the previous methods do not show it clear enough.

mspacman_grp_acts_good_enough_binding.png (Look at the bottom of the post for the picture)

A: Paths pacman will go to group:


A.1 : START:


Positions D and L are the hold positions to draw the ghost down in the lower half. Occasionaly move the pac-man down to P and Q when you just exit from exit I to J or exit from J to I.

Th pacman path will then be I->J->C->P. If ghost is at I move down to P. When ghost is at Q or M move back to D. When ghost are at A and B move up to E, then R. Hold at R and S untill ghost at X and Z meet at Y. If ghost was not lured away and move on the other side of Z then park at U untill the ghost taking paths Z->G->F->S has passed.

Timing to move from R to S is crucial if too early ghost will end up on the right side half of the board.

Principle: Whatever half of the board the pac-man reside when a ghost hit the midle box. That side around the ghost will move.



When ghost come over across the U shaped passing into Y. Move pac-man dpown to H. Ghost will move to F. When the front ghost are just at the TIP of the corner of the bend at G, the tailling ghosts would be at F or after. Pacman at H must now move to I.When the ghost pass H. Move pacman to exits I -> J. Move immediatly to position P, if the ghosts are still far away. When ghost move towards pass vertical point M or H of the board, move back to C->D. When ghost are at A, move ghost to E, awaits them to pass into side passage X, then move to R->S, U.

A. 3: END:


When ghost enterring Y, move pac-man egain to H. Repeat the above process, untill all the ghost are close to each other. Now when ghosts are grouped, force teh group down at point H->I->O->Q->N.

When ghosts reached point A move to R, pause then U.

B: Paths ghosts will travel to group:


B.1. Left side grouping:


Ghost will mainly be grouped by moving from A->B->c->x and a split off group could be leading up to E or Z. Depends if the pac-man moves to E and then with gasps, pretend to go passed E and back below E, but just so to lure away the last ghost that was coming around the corner from C towards just want to enterring the passage of X.

Ghost will also be grouped by using position D. Ghost will move to B and A when pacman is at D. Just when ghost are at B but not yet at P from A, move pac-man up to force ghosts at A and B to meet and group at C. The same principle applies to the right sid eof the board.

B.2. Right side middle grouping:


When pac-man coming down the passage from U to H, to hold the pac-man at H, the ghost have to follow paths into Y, to F. When ghost reached G, then the ghost at point F will be lured away by the pacman movement from H to I. Ghosts will then move to I and then O, Q, N, A.

When ghost reaching A and B, follow the same pattern described in section A.1, A.2 and B.1.

B.3. Right side grouping:


Ghost will mainly be grouped by moving from N->M->O->x2 (opposite of X but the otherside of the board). Do the same on right side as on left side but just using hold point L, making the same moves as D->E, but just now move L-H and up.

B.4. Left side middle grouping:


When pac-man coming down the passage from S, to R to E. Hold at E. When ghost reached Z and tail is before the exit at Z, then moves to J to lure the tailling gjost away from before Z to E. To make the ghost meet at E. Same pattern just the opposite of the move at F,G,H,I.


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Link them into a slideshow. Refer to the slideshow for the numbering.
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