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Ms. Pac-Man step by step
02-22-2018 at 12:28 PM
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How to change the website colour?

It is really ridiculous that TG now do have a black colour as background. This make reading the forums very very difficult. I cannot believe this has happened, which is
contradictory to international UI Web standards for readability. Can someone post under the FAQ a step by step manner how one can change the skin/appearance deafults? I cannot find it under my profile nor do I see a link on the menu nor any link at the bottom. Which should have been added as default given TG is an international face for gaming and such like have to make it easy for users to navigate. Usability is key to consumer satisfaction and re-returning customers for any software design.
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    Click this button:

    It toggles the black/white themes.
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    on the upper taskbar, the Button next to the search button, is a switch button. you can change the background color just by clicking it.

    Edit: NVM just look at GibGirl's comment
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    Thanks a lot, much appreciated, hopefully we have more to choose from other than just a "black" and a "white".
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    Quote Originally Posted by GibGirl
    Click this button:

    It toggles the black/white themes.
    omg thank you
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