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Ms. Pac-Man step by step
08-13-2018 at 07:52 AM
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Rules for Bootleg Games : Ms. Pac-man (Bootleg) Rules - With or without PCB Video?

Hi Gamers

I want to know what is the opinion of gamers on rules for bootleg games.

About Rules:
Also one by-thought, do we really need to have to show video of the PCB video for bootlegs because Bootlegs by nature are copies of the original ms.pac-man PCB anyway? This will make it easy for quite a lot submission to play where showing the inside of the cabinet cannot be shown? (like at shopping malls?). The main reason to show PCB is to show that a PCB is the real one / original but playing on bootleg PCB then it does not matter? given bootleg is no-original anyway. I can put a rule put like this in the rules section for ms.pacman (bootleg) under multi-pcb arcade track under the newly created bootleg track.

Please post comments on the Pros and Cons for inside of cabinet video?

A positive:
- Any cabinet can be used. any PCB. Any controllers

Only negative I can think of is::
- If video of PCB is not shown how do one know if the gamer "playing" are really playing the game? What if we have another DK-cheat problem; " a user
play back a video" instead of actually playing?

How can one make a rule set such that one can accomodate gamers that cannot post video or original hardware?
What are the options: Create Bootleg tracks which are open for submissions but less strict adherance but given this,
these tracks then canot be held at the same level of original games that are allowed to be published in the
"gamers world record" editions nor be pubished on GWR site?

Can we add such a rule? Then we all know from the start a particular track are for fun only and also only to track potential
similar games to have some mechanisms and space to allow for recorded submissions?

@snowflace / @bensweeneyonbass ect...

Francois du Toit
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    Another thought is to have two bootleg tracks:

    - One Bootleg with full video and same rules as the original Arcade PCb version - labelled as :

    [GameName (Bootleg) comply with full TGSAP rules]

    - Second Bootleg derivative track below this one - labelled as :

    [GameName (Bootleg) non-compliance with full TGSAP rules

    Withe the first one, everybody always comply with full ruleset with video at submission always showing PCB and dip switch settings


    with the derivative track, anyone may submit as long as the video is shown but video of full PCB not needed.

    A screenshot of PCB acceptable or bootup of the machine as part of game-play right before or after the is/was played. By doing this PCB details will be shown but at least we then see it is an cabinet - does not matter if the cabinet is MAME driven or cloned PCB bootleg driven or a multi-cab or even a PC with arcade cabinet controls.

    By doing this we make it easy for gamers submitting titles that are non-comliance.

    We also encourgage classic arcade gaming to the greater community that do not bother on

    having "REAL ARCADE GAME RECORDS" but just wnat to participate.

    It is in the "spirit" of this point I want us to have strategies / mchanisms at TG to cater for the greater group

    of CAG gamers as well.

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