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09-04-2018 at 12:12 PM
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Cannot vote on this poll ?

hi Fellow gamers

When I browse on the community founded tracks, when clicking on some of the tracks, the amount of points funded are full but the message will state in the heading; "Voters 2: You may not vote on this poll"?

Sp what does this mean; when will one see this message; what is the next action needed on these submitted proposed games; how does these games moves from community founded into actual track list; if there are no options to move the track forward?

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  1. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    It's one of many errors that this website has.

    Sometimes the tracks are indeed activated and you can submit your scores, but they will also stay in the New Track Marketplace. There is no further step a user can tkae, only @admin staff can do something about it, and sometimes it seems, not even them.

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  2. sdwyer138's Avatar

    "Community founded tracks" are already completed and available on the leaderboards.

    "New track marketplace" is where you go to donate to tracks not yet available.

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