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Ms. Pac-Man step by step
01-28-2020 at 12:12 AM
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Video Gaming Research - Archives available for researchers and historians

Hi Robert (RTM) post a link about "another video game hall of fame" here:

When I browse around I did found huge archives are available for video game researchers at a "library museum".

Boxes full of actual documents. One can only access if you do ask do conduct research study on their site.

You cannot take the notes, books , artwork, game design planning documents, programming documents home but you

can at least read through them on premises.

Collecting and Preserving/Interpreting and Educating Video Gaming:

Here at:

The Strong invites researchers to use its wealth of resources on the history of play and playthings. To encourage and support scholarship, The Strong awards research fellowships three times each year. Eligible research projects must benefit from access to collections held by The Strong, including:

The Strong’s educational philosophy is inspired by learning approaches that view the student as a capable partner in curriculum direction and play as a fundamental component in healthy human development. Here are links to some of the ideas and activities that have significantly influenced the museum's thinking.

Multiple Intelligences:
Harvard professor Howard Gardner introduced the theory of multiple intelligences, which maintains that the idea of a single intelligence (or “I.Q.”) is far too limited and that eight different intelligences need to be considered in any accounting of an individual’s full potential. His website features frequently asked questions about his theory and Gardner’s answers in his own words.

Expeditionary Learning:
EL Learning is a model of comprehensive school reform that organizes learning around an experiential project-based approach. In this approach, students do original research and create high-quality products for audiences beyond the classroom. The model emphasizes high levels of student engagement, self-direction, achievement, and character development.

Teaching for Understanding:
The Teaching for Understanding Framework from Harvard Graduate School of Education focuses on developing and deepening student understanding.

Active Learning Practice for Schools:
ALPS—Active Learning Practice for Schools—is an electronic community dedicated to the improvement and advancement of educational practice.

Example of archive information:

You can search and the content of the boxes are listed. So here are TONS of information someone can use that were not used a lot in past research.

Game preservation Initiatives by Universities:

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