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Ms. Pac-Man step by step
05-27-2020 at 11:27 PM
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Teach me Ms. Pac-man Step by Step Index

PART0: Ms. Pac-Man Step by Step Overview

PART1: Summary of the ArtificialIntelligence


PART2: Ghost Behaviour - Deterministic vs Non-Deterministic


PART3: Ghost Behaviour - Pac-man vs Ms. Pac-Man


PART4: Ms. Pac-Man Ghost Behaviour


PART5: Ghost Behaviour as from Bozeman Think Tank Group


PART6: How to group in Chase (TODO - Coming Next)

PART7: How to group in Junior (TODO - Coming Next)

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Well, I have a question, Francoisadt-


    Of the Pac's, which is the most fun to get started on, in this day and age?

    Legitimate question-(whining)-my right arm is almost gone, I've overused it the last few years to the point that it is probably past ice and heat and rest, but medical care in my area sucks(...I'm a nurse.), so I don't even bother.

    So I may be playing one-handed from here on out, for a while, haha, out of necessity, and it seems like the Pac's might be having a resurgence, so yeah, which will I enjoy the most, starting out?


  2. francoisadt's Avatar

    On your arm and hand playability:

    Tip you can learn to play left - handed. I am right handed but learn play left handed because one's left hand will push softer in directions, making "self enforced push too hard" errors to be not exist other than a strong right hand that push too hard.

    Playing left will make one's moves smoother.

    On all Pac-man you want to play:

    Pac-Man - very monotone - boring after a few rounds - If one can group then the only goal remaining is try clear as much boards as possible. Errors here slipin due to the board are the same all over

    Ms. Pac-man - boards vary at least in four stages - So much morefun

    Jr. Pac-Man - the most fun of all Pac-mans but difficult to learn. Fun big mazes.

    Depends on your goal:

    ( a ) get a score in top 10

    ( b ) play for fun

    ( c ) both

    For ( c ) One need to try out moves you never thought be possible, does not matter if the pac-man loose a life; learn how and why ghosts moves in relation where pac-man is positioned; play learning techniques while makimg it fun; read up o it and try really learn the game - this mean think why/where/what of each move.

    It also depends upon how high in regard/importance the community and yourself see a specific pac-man version to be.

    If ( b ) is your main goal and you struggle with getting hand control. I would recommend start with Ms. Pac-man turbo and Jr . Pac-man Turbo.

    Reason be : You will play longer per credit; You will have more fun reaching later stages - 21+; to see how it is play those mazes. Once reaching killscreen Ms. Pac-Man turbo version, then mobe to Jr. Pac-man turbo. Then move to Ms. Pacman and Jr. pac-man normal speed. I have played Ms. Pac-man normal speed in 1980s; Only a few times Ms. Pac-man turbo speed - hit a score that was close to a 980sK, glitch in the system at the killscreen change the board upside down with funny characters and show a score over a million at the bottom. So not a real roll-over one million score (My actual score before the flip Would have been a WR the first time I did play the turbo version in 1984. I did not know about TG then)

    If you want to be really good in any version of Pac-man start with Ms. Pac-man (Normal Speed/Arcade settings) not Pac-man/Puck-Man.

    Reason be: Pac-man grouping are more deterministic whereas Ms. Pac-man more close to ghost behavior really are.

    If you choose to play Pac-man then you need to have lot of focus due to the board layout look the same each time.

    Some gamers did play Pac-man just to clear the boards 1 to 21 just to clear all the pills not eating the ghosts at all, then afterv 9th key run a pattern to see how far they can get - above a million or two million...

    If learn to be good in grouping ghosts in Ms. Pac-man it lay the foundation to be good in any Pac-man game.

    Example: Due to I can group ghosts in all boards 21 - 133 on Ms Pac-Man Normal Speed (Acrade) I did learn grouping Ghosts in pac-Man in a week! Yes you got it here. So after a week I was able to group ghost on all Pac-man/Puck-Man boards 1 to 18 (6th key) - eat all Pac-man ghosts just by positioning Pac-man in the correct relative position for each corners each time.

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  3. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I have more to say on this, as I read it deeper-Thank You so much for the detailed response!

    First, tho, fortunately I am naturally left-handed.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say I am completely ambidexterious(?), but I have played competent(not awesome)guitar right handed for about 30 years!

    I was a left handed stick player on Burgertime, so that will likely suit me fine!

    Thank You So Much!

    Ms. Pac, Huh?



  4. francoisadt's Avatar

    Yes MsPac then

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  5. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    OK, some thoughts so far, tho I haven't put as much time in even yet as I'd like-

    Yeah, Ms. Pac seems to be the way to go-I am looking for "fun" mostly, and am almost afraid to make the commitment to pattern play.

    *Side note*

    I actually told this story here, as it happened, I believe-

    There was a Jr. Pac at a convenience store here, the store owner owned it, was there forever(as nowhere as I am, you could walk up to a Jr Pac and put a quarter in, up to a year or so ago...).

    I went up and played it a few times, I had just started here, crossed my mind to "take it seriously".

    Went to inquire about possibly buying it( had been there 20+ years...).

    He had sold it the day before.


    I didn't ask, but I'm guessing a couple hundred USD got it. Sucks. Bad.

    OK, off the side note

    *Side note #2*


    Mebbe I am wrong, mebbe they just don't like it, or mebbe not as popular, but I think people may be overly-intimidated by Burgertime.

    Not bagging on my game at all, but in my short time on Ms. Pac, the baddie manipulation/redirection, etc seems so much easier than Ms. Pac, tho almost the same principles involved-like Burgertime is regular speed Ms. Pac, in slow motion, with less creative enemies almost. If your brain can comprehend what is going on around you in Ms. Pac, it just seems like Burgertime would almost be a breeze.

    (Back to Pac).

    OK, I got my Tankstik ready yesterday(had to change out some pushbuttons), it has my dedicated 4-way sticks-I still suck, but that helped, I had been using the 16/32 way sticks that are stock in an X-arcade(my Dualstik).

    Feels more like I am playing "for real", I do highly recommend dedicated 4 way sticks to anyone playing a game that originally used them.

    OK, babbling, wish me luck, certainly not swearing on "good" results, if any at all, but is interesting giving the dot muncher a go, for sure, never know I guess...

    Thanks, Buddy!

  6. francoisadt's Avatar

    Yes one never know, go for MsPac with a 4way.any other stick will fail. Also Mspac there is no end to end patterns per board like PAcman case is. Mspac one use semi sub pattern once ghosts are grouped as one unit moving along making it easier to sidestep ghosts I individual behavior and manipulate them in the direction you want them to go.

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