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02-06-2021 at 06:37 AM
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A Few Random musings. I do not seem to remember what the VSF verification method is. I see it on a few entries as the verification method and listed as (no longer accepted). What is this method of verification for a record?

A second thing that I have noticed is some of the Sega Classic Collection games do not have the same rules as their original counterparts. Shadow Dancer for example has different rules than the original. In the original, you have 5 lives and are done after losing the 5th life. In the collection version ruleset you are not capped at using 5 lives? Why would the same game be adjudicated two separate ways?

I have seen a few entries for the arcade-1up cabinets as well. Why are these not listed in a similar fashion to any other emulator? We all know those machines are glorified emulators no different than the (insert console here) minis that are glorified emulators and not original genuine hardware.

Last musing, if someone sets records on NTSC and has records on PAL systems as well. Is it likely that one of those records are not classified correctly? Not naming names as of yet, but I believe someone to be doing exactly this as it seems unlikely that someone has both monitors available. Since I still lack the requisite ability to challenge directly, perhaps I will air out my grievances and let someone else challenge these scores on my behalf.

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  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    is the vsf in colecovision? memory could be wrong, but i know colecovisoin (or at least some system from that time period) had an input file you could submit, i heard its kinda like an inp just not nearly as complex

    people can make any rules they like, multiple tracks for the same game. no need to first go back to the original and create new variation with different rules just to be able to make same version on the later release, if someone likes a idfferent rule set and a later release they can make that track regardless of any existing tracks.

    the 1-up was very recently added i wanna say last month but certainly no more than 2 months ago theres been a lot of talk of original vs everything else. that becomes its own fairly large discussion but you should be able to use the search feature to find scattered talk of it

    people are allowed to submit for both ntsc and pal, quite a few people do both. someone submitting outside their region usually gets a little more scrutiny to make sure there was no accident, but once the score is in, to dispute it, you'd need more evidence than simply doubting they can afford both formats

  2. onlyinajeep's Avatar

    .vsf is a VICE Snapshot File used in VICE, a C64 emulator. I've not used it for recording games but have for saving states. But I think it snaps the memory keeps track of inputs in order to replay the history. VSF verification was before my time.

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