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terencew -

Required ROMset has been renamed!
Please take care to use the correct set for your chosen version of WolfMAME.

0.106-0.117: battleg - "Battle Garegga - Type 2 (Denmark / China) (Tue Apr 2 1996)"
0.117u1-0.133: bgaregcn - "Battle Garegga - Type 2 (Denmark / China) (Tue Apr 2 1996)"
0.134+ : bgareggacn - "Battle Garegga - Type 2 (Denmark / China) (Tue Apr 2 1996)"

terencew -


Difficulty Medium was renamed to Normal at about 0.142

Since 0.173, the conditional DIPs feature of this game affects WolfMAME's inpview. Verify settings with caution! [Machine Configuration setting "Region" affects "Bonus_Life" DIP]

If Service Mode (F1+F2) is entered DURING RECORDING, DIP settings used for the performance can be displayed - this may assist verification.
However, doing so AFTER PLAYBACK has ended will only display the viewer's local DIP settings, not those used for the performance.

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