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$250 Montezuma's Revenge Bounty - Get More Than 547,350 Points - ColecoVision

Score more than 547,350 points playing the ColecoVision version of the game "Montezuma's Revenge" and WIN a $250 Amazon eGift card! Also EARN a rare TG Achievement point!


Bounty Rules


Play a single player game of the game "Montezuma's Revenge" on the ColecoVision and score more than 547,350 points.


--One player game.
--Default settings

This bounty challenge accepts both NTSC and PAL platform submissions from the Original ColecoVision, as well as ColecoVision EMU (emulator) submissions.

If an emulator is used, the submission description must contain information regarding general details specifying what emulator app was used as well as a simple description of the hardware platform that the emulator was run on (PC, Mac, Rasberry Pi, etc.) and what system OS was used (Windows, Linux, MacOs, etc.)

Showing system / software boot up is recommended but is NOT required.

The Twin Galaxies General Gameplay Global Rules And Guidelines for All Submissions shall apply, however the above listed bounty and track rules are considered the overriding rule set where/if there is any direct overlap or conflict.


The successful bounty claimant will receive -

--One (1) TG Achievement Point

--One (1) $250 Amazon eGift Card

Additional Information:

This Bounty Challenge leaderboard only contains 1 award slot, once the slot has been claimed the bounty challenge will end. Until the slot has been claimed, the bounty will remain continuously open until Twin Galaxies decides to close it.

All submission performances for this bounty challenge must be submitted directly to this bounty using the Submit Claim button.

For competitive reference, you can see the Twin Galaxies World Record leaderboard here:

Good luck!

Please place any questions, comments or concerns in the discussion thread below!

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Northcoastgamer -

Thanks to everyone that took the time to watch & vote! Big thanks again to rage for his help!


Congrats on this bounty claim! @admin staff is investigating why this bounty is not showing "CLAIMED" status before we award the prize. It is an important bug to track down. We appreciate your patience.

Northcoastgamer -

Thank you much appreciated!

nads -

Curious to know this bounty is not saying CLAIMED ? Oops I see admin are on it

Northcoastgamer -

Received my Amazon gift card & the TG Achievement Point for the Montezuma's Revenge bounty. Thanks to everyone that took the time to watch and vote for it, I truly appreciate it!  The gift card is nice especially with X-mas coming up, but it's never really about money, gift cards or some other prize for that matter, it's all about the score with me. My wife however could care less about the score, she's already claimed the gift card. Happy gaming! 

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