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Created BY:ersatz_cats02-29-2024 09:35 AM

Phantasy Star: Acquire the Shortcake using only your default equipment [PPMDC]

When you're hungry for some Shortcake, and all you have are 1,000 Mesetas and your default gear. All winners of this bounty will be featured in a future piece at


The early battles of classic Sega RPG Phantasy Star involve lots of hitting things with sticks. But what if you couldn't buy bigger sticks, and had to satisfy your Shortcake cravings with what you had?

Play as normal up to acquiring the Shortcake in the rather ill-placed dungeon bakery, with the only restriction being that each of your characters must play using only their original equipment. This refers only to gear your characters equip. You can and should buy and use all the healing items and Flashes and such you want.

Time starts when you press "Start" on the title screen, and ends when the merchant's dialogue appears confirming your Shortcake purchase.

Obviously, this must be achieved as one continuous run. Console and emulation platforms (including Virtual Console) are allowed. The "Phantasy Star Collection" re-release is not allowed due to significant damage evasion bugs. The Nintendo Switch version is allowed, as long as the game is played in "Original" mode and the various speed-up and bonus display features are all disabled.

Other PPMDC bounty rules:

- All performances must be recorded from start to finish, and must adhere to general TGSAP rules and community expectations, including those particular to the platform and emulation being used.

- The date of this achievement must be stated. It is requested, but not required, that submissions for this bounty be achieved on or after the date this bounty is posted. No proof is required for date of achievement, and submitted runs for this bounty will not be disqualified on that basis. (In other words, it's safe to vote on submissions that lack proof of date but appear otherwise genuine.) However, submitting old runs, or misrepresenting dates, may disqualify the submitter from recognition for this or future PPMDC bounties.

- No major glitches aside from any specified in the bounty description.

- Swag strats are encouraged, and will be featured in the eventual write-up.

Read more about PPMDC bounties here:

Reward Description and Details

In June 2024, will post a write-up featuring the results of the most recent PPMDC bounties hosted at TG. Everyone who submits a valid run will be featured. Winners will also be given the opportunity to have their comments about this challenge or any other appropriate gaming-related topic published.

Top billing will be given to the player who completes this challenge the fastest, as described in the bounty rules.

For full details and prizing rules, see the PPMDC bounty page:

Please place any questions, comments or concerns in the discussion thread below!

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In "PHANTASY STAR: ACQUIRE THE SHORTCAKE USING ONLY YOUR DEFAULT EQUIPMENT [PPMDC]," players are challenged to obtain a coveted item, the shortcake, using only the gear provided at the start of the game. This scenario often requires strategic planning, resourcefulness, and mastery of game mechanics to overcome obstacles and achieve the goal. Such challenges, common in jogo environments, encourage players to explore creative solutions within set constraints, fostering skill development and a deeper appreciation for the game's intricacies.

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