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Wage war in 1943: 500k or more

Be the first to score 500,000 points in the video game 1943. No, it won't break any world records. But it will show you are more than just the average fighter pilot.

Note: This is for 1943 Battle of Midway (not 1943 Kai)

Bounty Rules

Score 500,000 points or more on the video game 1943.  The game must be recorded and follow all the rules as per regular TGSAP guidelines and established community rules:

- attempt must be submitted to the bounty leaderboard with evidence

- upload video of entire game play (include INP if playing on MAME)

Further bounty specific details:

- describe the system you are playing on (i.e. let us know if you are playing on an arcade cabinet, a PC running MAME, RecalBox, RetroPi, NES, etc.

- the first score to be successfully adjudicated and have 500,000 or more points will be awarded the bounty

- if there are multiple qualifying scores in the queue, the earliest one submitted that passes adjudication will be declared the winner

- the important factor is when the score was submitted, not when it was adjudicated.  But it must be adjudicated successfully

UPDATE: we will also award a bounty for 2nd and 3rd place as well.  

Bounty Reward Description and Details

The reward for this monumental achievement is your face on the cover of Arcade Culture Magazine!

You will need to provide datagod with a high resolution photograph (preferably showing your face).  We will craft it into a humorous and memorable cover.

The reward will be granted within 3 earth days of datagod receiving your photo.

Please place any questions, comments or concerns in the discussion thread below!

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Tuffy64 -

Is it ok to play the Midway Kaisen version on Switch via the Capcom Arcade 2nd Stadium?

datagod -

Hi Tuffy64, great question.  My goal is to have 1943 on any platform.  1943 Kai is quite a bit different that the original, so I'll have to exclude that one from the bounty.  

But it sounds like it might make for a great second bounty!

Tuffy64 -

I only have the original on a Pandora's Box arcade stick. Would this be ok to use?

datagod -

Yes, that would be fine.  Hope to see your submission soon.  Good luck!

Tuffy64 -

I've decided to go with NES, but it's emulated via Mesen. Would this be ok to use?

datagod -

Yes of course!  :)

Jace Hall -

This is a fun bounty.

Something to know - when you specify "- attempt must be submitted via TGSAP" this can be confusing. Do you mean they have to find the appropriate platform and track for their performance, submit to that and then come back here with a link to those adjudications?

The reason there can be confusion is because BOUNTY CLAIMS themselves go through TGSAP.

So someone who meets your 500k target, can simply click SUBMIT BOUNTY CLAIM on your bounty here, and upload their performance directly to this bounty. It will get adjudicated through TGSAP as bounty claim. 

Every bounty you create IS A LEADERBOARD. Every bounty is a TRACK. People are submitting to THIS TRACK. You are setting the rules of the track in your bounty description!

You may want to edit your bounty to provide some clarity on where you want the submission to go?

datagod -

Thank you for clarifying Jace.  I will edit the bounty for clarification.  Also, I was not sure how to specify ANY as a platform, but I'll make note of that.

Jace Hall -

You could put ANY as the tag itself on the platform or you could just list out a bunch of platforms on the platform tag section.

datagod -

I have updated the bounty to include 3 awards.  May chance favor the competitors!

Jace Hall -

If you haven't yet posted a link to your bounty on social media, it would be helpful for you to do this to help test that the TG system properly presents your bounty when those links are actually posted.  Does it look good? Does it convey the bounty information (or enough of it). Stuff like that.

Jace Hall -

Hey @Tuffy64  - Congrats on being the first TG Member to claim a bounty within the new system! Was the process of claiming the bounty reasonably smooth for you?

Tuffy64 -

Thanks Jace!

Seems about as smooth as submitting the regular tracks, which is good. Didn't spot any complications. Big thanks to datagod for clearing up any queries I had as well.

I reckon as long as whichever platforms can be used is clarified (Including Mame and console emulation) and whether or not it needs to be submitted on the regular track leaderboards on the site, there should be no problems!

datagod -

Thank you for being so patient with me Tuffy.   I am finally able to work on the custom cover for you.  Respiratory viruses suck!!

datagod -

datagod -

@Jace Hall  I tried to upload the custom award here, but I keep getting an error message "something went wrong".  It seems graphic uploads here are not yet supported.

datagod -

@Jace Hall  I see there are two claims out of three, but I can't find a link to the second claim.  Am I missing something on this page?

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