Donkey Kong [US Set 1]

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Dean Saglio


2 Jeff Willms 470.19
3 Andrew Barrow 462.11
4 Scott A Cunningham 457.10
5 Estel J Goffinet 405.10
6 Vincent Lemay 404.46
7 Scott Kessler 396.97
8 Philip M Tudose 380.20
9 Craig Rout Gallant 373.45
10 Jason Vasiloff 370.20


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Fastest Start
FOUNDED BY: Barra ; d3scride ;
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Stephen Daultrey -
Hi guys, could someone clarify why this track is called "Fastest Start"? It's a fastest completion variation, but involves triggering a certain screen? Apologies in advance for my lack of expert knowledge on this title! Likewise, I should clarify this for the 2 Fastest kill screen activation tracks (although they are kinda explained in the rules). Thanks in advance @Barra; @xelnia; @terencew
Ben Way -
@Stephen Daultrey test
Barra -
Hi Stephen A "start' is classified as levels 1 through 4. After 4-5 (the rivet screen) the level order is exactly the same until the killscreen on level 22 (so 17 full levels, 5-21, of 6 boards) So specifically this fastest start track is a speedrun from the start of the game until you clear board 4-5, on your first life. Hope that helps :)
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