Galaga [Namco rev.B]

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Andrew Barrow


2 Jacob Upland 177.12
3 Stephen Krogman 175.25
4 Daniel Buchanan 125.62
5 Graham Hawkins 122.23
6 Mike Sanders 118.52
7 David Bohn 116.21
8 Tommi Tiihonen 104.05
9 Martin Bedard 101.13
10 Terence Wong 100.11


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FOUNDED BY: nads ; smkrogman ;
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terencew -
NOTE: Since 0.173, the conditional DIPs feature of this game affects WolfMAME's inpview. Verify settings with caution! ["Lives" affects "Bonus_Life"]
Foot0fGod -

While these scores are unofficial and on Rank D and most are on Arcade (which is mostly negligible in difference for the first loop), I thought I'd post them here from Phil Day's article for reference to the broader scope of this track and its scores:

  1. Thompson - 3,594,140
  2. Krogman - 3,495,150
  3. Barrow - 3,450,880
  4. Dorrington - 3,369,730
  5. Gonzalez - 3,323,820

Jordan has told me he believes he has a 3.5x somewhere and I wouldn't be surprised if Armando doesn't have a better score, too. At the moment, there's not even a track for arcade, but I'm with Phil and hope this will catch on as an exciting new frontier for Galaga competition.

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