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2 Apokz24 150.18
3 John Liming 127.91
4 Stephen Krogman 108.49
5 Brian Bailey 104.87
6 Kurt Morris 101.24
7 Mike Lynn 95.33
8 Steve Sheppard 91.30
9 Quentin Bolduc 87.80
10 Barra 87.24


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Foot0fGod -

I'm just going to add a link to my wall post about Krogman's score so it's not lost. It was an interesting discussion and some people dug up some interesting info! Then it got trolled, kinda fell off the rails, and got locked

JaguarKnight -

Can anyone provide guidance on what machine/parts are required to put up an attempt for Classic Galaga. I have done some searching, and I see several up for sale at various prices. But, for this cost, I want to be sure I am making the correct purchase. 

I have found the details for the proper game settings, but I haven't seen any information on specific hardware. I would prefer an original board, but I don't know how many are left or if that is even an option. Are there new boards that are acceptable? Are there reputable dealers someone could recommend? 

Thank you for your help!

Excelliron -

Hi @JaguarKnight

I tried to PM you but you must have messages turned off. To submit to this track you will need a real, original Galaga board. They dont make them anymore but you can still find them. Facebook marketplace and  arcade oriented facebook groups is your best bet.

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