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2 RaGeNyC 18.85
3 Marcade 1.03


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NTSC - Aftershock [Fastest Race]
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    Date Submitted: 2022-09-05
    Percent: 100 %
    ESI: 2.19
    Verification Method: TGSAP
    Status: Undisputed
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    Date Submitted: 2018-05-13
    Percent: 97.09%
    ESI: 1.09
    Verification Method: TGSAP
    Status: Undisputed
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    Date Submitted: 2009-03-13
    Percent: 83.61%
    ESI: 0
    Verification Method: Video
    Status: Undisputed
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Excelliron -

Full disclosure:
After submitting these times and researching the game further I have found there is a difference between 'Jet Moto 2' and the PlayStation Greatest Hits version of 'Jet Moto 2'.

The 'PlayStation Greatest Hits' series always uses the exact same game released previously, but in the case of this one particular game there was a production error. The games designer had a personal copy with all tracks unlocked, an increased framerate, and was limited to 4 riders...   this copy was the game that ended up being created as the Greatest Hits version.

From Wikipedia: "The Greatest Hits version of the game was never meant to be released in its current form. As the game's production cycle was ending, Wiklem asked SingleTrac to modify the game for him a modified version of Jet Moto 2. This version increased the framerate to 30 frames per second by removing six competitors from races, thus putting less strain on the PlayStation hardware.[5] Additionally, Wiklem requested that all of the original Jet Moto tracks be unlocked at the start of the game.[5] It was branded in-game as Jet Moto 2: Championship Edition.

Due to their master disc being destroyed, Sony contacted Wiklem for a copy to use as a master disc for burning. Wiklem sent the altered disc SingleTrac had made for him, notifying Sony of the change and petitioning it be used as the Greatest Hits version.[5] Sony replied that Greatest Hits titles must be the same as the original release version. Dismayed, Wiklem burned a copy of the original version and sent it to Sony for duplication. Due to a mixup in the duplication process, the modified version of the game was duplicated and not the original version.[5] Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation contacted Sony Computer Entertainment about the mix up, and eventually the discussions trickled down to Wiklem himself. He told vice president of marketing Jeff Fox that he "did send the right disc, it was properly labeled, and it’s not my fault that DADC couldn’t read."[5] The situation was put to rest shortly thereafter, with the decision being made not to make any further changes to the Greatest Hits disc."

The version I played was the Greatest Hits version. The version Rage played was the original version. IDK what version @Marcade  played.

The way I see it there's a couple options:
1) Nothing happens. Both versions of the game are used for this track just as all other 'Greatest Hits' versions are. If the Greatest Hits edition's higher framerate allows for faster times that will mean anyone who wants to compete competitively on this track will need to use the GH version.
2) Someone disputes all my times on this track and creates the appropriate new Greatest Hits/CE version of this game for the leaderboards.

Whatever happens is fine with me, I just dont want anyone to think I purposely did anything underhanded in order to achieve a faster time so I wanted to get this info out there.

RaGeNyC -

Just leave it as is. The Greatest Hits version is the more popular, cheaper version. It's the one most people have, I would think. I saw you beat my scores while crashing multiple times. I thought it was weird, so I read the wiki, got the GH rom going and struck back on a few. When I get back to PS1, I'll attempt some more. No big deal, and definitely not something to make a dispute mess over. It's good you wrote this though, so others know.

(The 60 FPS is amazing!)

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