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2 PAUL 25.63
3 redelf 24.53
4 Douglas Korekach 23.44
5 Pat Larocque 23.44
6 Douglas Loyd 23.44
7 Joseph Ratulowski 23.44
8 Frankie Cardulla 23.44
9 Tom Duncan 23.44


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Rocks -
Not that I dispute any of these scores but I would dispute the idea there are only 12 people that have ever achieved a million points in this game. I remember distinctly when the game came out. A magazine, I can't remember which one, stated that if you got a million points and submitted a Polaroid of the last screen with the !!!!!! for the score they would print it along with your name. I immediately did it and sent my picture in. I eagerly awaited seeing my name in print only to have the magazine state that because they had already had over 200 submissions of people reaching the million points they would not have space to print everyone's name and picture so just congratulated everyone that did it instead. As this page of Activisions Newsletter show there were 3600 people who had scored at least 100,000 and 1/4 of those, 900 kids, scored 1 million points. They list 3 including a 5 and 6 year old. That was in the Fall of 1981 in the very first issue of the newsletter. The leader board for this game should have one listing. 1,000,000 Everybody and their brother. 1981 By the last issue of Activision's Newsletter over 14 thousand people had scored 100,000 or better.
Speaks72 -

I believe to be listed on Twin Galaxies you must record your entire gameplay for review and it has to be validated.  I'm sure that is why there are so few who have submitted the required evidence to have a score validated.  I only wished I was good enough to score 1,000,000.  Best I've ever done was just over 100,000.  Great game though

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