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Air Zonk
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EvanGrill -

I'm officially disputing the score submitted by Ryan Genno. It is not a possible score the game can track.  The game can score from 0000 0000 (0 trillions, 0 100 millions) to 9999 9999 (9999 trillions, 9999 100 millions). The lowest possible nonzero score the game can display is 100 million (0000 0001) and the lowest possible score attainable is 1 billion (0000 0010) points.

The highest verifiable score I've found is 9757 2400 by Jon Hall (greatjhon) as visible here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/406854846

EvanGrill -

I also want to complain that this discussion system does not allow kanji characters.

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