Robocop 2 [Euro/Asia v0.10]

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terencew -
Many changes to the DIPs for this title at 0.122u3. From MAMEINFO.DAT:
- 0.122u3: Brian Troha and Bryan McPhail added 3rd dipswitches bank (robocop2_0106u3gra). Added dipswitches 'Time', 'Health', 'Continues', 'Bullets', 'Enemy Movement', 'Enemy Strength', 'Enemy Weapon Speed' and 'Game Over Message'.
Which means we need to interpret the rules for use in later versions of WolfMAME. Please read here for details: ... or just trust the summary, users of 0.123 or later should translate the rules as follows: ROMset: Robocop2 Flip Screen: Off Unused: Off Lives: 3 Time: 300 seconds Health: 33 Continues: On [?!! assuming this is moot] Bullets: Normal Enemy Movement: Normal Enemy Strength: Normal Enemy Weapon Speed: Normal Game Over Message: Off [assuming this is also moot] Special Rules: This is a Single Player ONLY variation. Continues are NOT allowed!
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