Robocop 2 [Euro/Asia v0.10]

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terencew -
Many changes to the DIPs for this title at 0.122u3. From MAMEINFO.DAT: [quote]- 0.122u3: Brian Troha and Bryan McPhail added 3rd dipswitches bank (robocop2_0106u3gra). Added dipswitches 'Time', 'Health', 'Continues', 'Bullets', 'Enemy Movement', 'Enemy Strength', 'Enemy Weapon Speed' and 'Game Over Message'.[/quote] Which means we need to interpret the rules for use in later versions of WolfMAME. Please read here for details: ... or just trust the summary, users of 0.123 or later should translate the rules as follows: ROMset: Robocop2 Flip Screen: Off Unused: Off Lives: 3 Time: 300 seconds Health: 33 Continues: On [?!! assuming this is moot] Bullets: Normal Enemy Movement: Normal Enemy Strength: Normal Enemy Weapon Speed: Normal Game Over Message: Off [assuming this is also moot] Special Rules: This is a 2 Player Only Variation! Both Players must start at the same time! The record is the sum of the 2 scores upon game completion. Continues are NOT allowed!
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