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Expert skill Index
2 Patrick Stanley 26.41
3 Greg Degeneffe 23.30
4 Ken Vance 21.93
5 Robert T Mruczek 20.61
6 Keith Post 19.29
7 Matt Reed 17.83
8 Joseph Knasin 16.07
9 John P McAllister 14.80
10 James Randall 13.20


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NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty B (Points)
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Marcade -
These rules of "leeching and hunting is OK" makes no sense whatsoever, as there is ALWAYS a timer built in the game on all the levels anyways, if not completed on time.
datagod -
Is the timer visible? I suppose I could just play a game and find out for myself. Oh look at the time.
Marcade -
Yes, it is a visible "oxygen bar" that starts full, then counts down to empty, thus causing you to lose a scuba diver.
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