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NTSC - Game 1, Difficulty B (Points)
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Marcade -
These rules of "leeching and hunting is OK" makes no sense whatsoever, as there is ALWAYS a timer built in the game on all the levels anyways, if not completed on time.
datagod -
Is the timer visible? I suppose I could just play a game and find out for myself. Oh look at the time.
Marcade -
Yes, it is a visible "oxygen bar" that starts full, then counts down to empty, thus causing you to lose a scuba diver.
Snowflake -

There are 2 ways to make "progress" in this game, other than of course increasing the score itself, which cannot be viewed as progress since otherwise all leeching could claim progress
1. increase difficulty by surfacing. as marcade correctly points out there is a timer where you MUST surface or lose a life
2. increase points multiplier by surfacing with a full sub. a player could choose not to progress in this fashion, but they would still have to progress in the fashion lined out in point 1. so even if progression in this fashion were avoided, progress would stil be made for the more important thing (difficulty) also refusing to increase the points multiplier can only harm the player doing so and would make no sense to do intentionally.

if i were to speculate, i could see someone being aware of the second type of progression halt and incorrectly conclude that would halt difficulty progress as well.

TL;DR: marcade is correct, leeching is impossible so the rule allowing it is harmless but is also unneeded and silly

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