Shadow Dancer: The Secret of Shinobi

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BotzaBrand -

1.) What exactly does 5 lives only mean?

The game starts with 5 by default, so does does this mean no extra lives are allowed at all via in stage 1ups, as well as the ones obtained via bonus stages?Or ultimately  does this means the score is null if you die more than 5 times, regardless of the amount of lives displayed on screen?

Sorry, just not exactly sure of this limitation or why it's stressed as the first rule. 

2.) Why isn't there a ruling in regards to leeching?

I'd like to submit a score for Shadow Dancer, but a normal 1cc run for me is around 700k.  The current 1st place video obtains such a high score by killing the same respawning enemies in the 4th level.   

While I can't review the 2nd place holder's submission from 2004, I do not know if he did a similar approach to score over a million, but the current 1st place holder does this process until topping that score and elects to stop playing and not complete the game. 

BotzaBrand -

Disregard previous message. I understand now how point pressing isn't leeching for games with timers. 

I instead submitted a speedrun that can be found here. Thanks

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