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Rickster8 -

I have to ask, why does it say in the Sharp Shot (Maze Shoot) rules that you have to play as 'Player 1' (Left Controller?) for the Flashback, but yet with the Classic Intellivision Console it does NOT say you have to play as 'Player 1' for the game Sharp Shoot? This to me is an inconsistent ruling. So if you get a 'record breaking' score on the Flashback playing as 'Player 2' in Sharp Shoot it will NOT count? There is NO benefit whatsoever to using either controller, but because some people are lefty and some people are righty they will prefer a certain side controller to play with. Can somebody please clarify or explain the reasoning for this? Thx Rickster8

Rickster8 -

Anybody have any idea why there is a difference in the rules between the InTV Flashback and the Classic InTV Console for Sharp Shoot? 

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