Soul Edge Version II [World, SO4/VER.C]

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    Date Submitted: 2018-05-02
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    Verification Method: TGSAP 185
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bensweeneyonbass -
Silly formatting of rules. Here’s the settings in easy-to-read format: ROMset: souledge Difficulty: Ultra Hard Stage Width: 18M Fight Count (1p Game): 2 Fight Count (VS Game): 2 Life Bar (1p Game): 100% Life Bar (VS Game): 120% Round Time: 40 Sec. Character Change at Cont: No Character Change at VS: No Event Mode: OFF These settings can be set/verified in Service Mode Special Rules: This is a 1 Player Only Variation! You may freely select any unlocked character and costume that you choose. The game's internal timer will be used. Since the game's internal timer continues to run if the player loses, the player may use as many continues as they wish to complete the game, but MUST complete the game to qualify!
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