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David Palmer


2 Brandon Erickson 50.09
3 RTM 42.47
4 Mark Boolman 17.25
5 Jay Woodard 14.75
6 dbh 14.39
7 Brian Weissinger 13.03
8 Shawn Cram 12.74
9 Joseph Janiec 11.60
10 Sam McNear 11.53


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Hermarai000 -

Longest Standing World Record on a video game?

rweth -

I'm a big fan of the 1983 version of star wars, I was there (in 83) playing it and I have been playing it for a few years at home(mame and Arc1up). Looking at Robert Mruczek's amazing achievement in 1984 I have so many questions. There really wasn't much about this I could find on the web.


Was the game standup (I suspect it was). 

You didnt stand the whole time .. did you?

Did you have a decent tall bar stool or chair?

Where was the game played (and yeah I bet that arcade is gone).

How did Robert manage the bathroom breaks .. I really don't see too many openings even after u blow up the deathstar you got 15 seconds .. its a relentless game

How was food and eating arranged

Was there some type of stretching during the death star explosions

How did you progressively feel into 49.5 hours of sleep deprivation 

did you have some strategies like cold water bowls and towels etc

I mean this is part of our 1984 shared cultural heritage .. no way in hell I could or would do this .. what motivated you Robert?

love to see:

 I would really like to have a utube highlight of the game (unlike Robert I cant watch 49.5 hours of play) ..

A reenactment as best you can of the dynamics of the achievement

People really dont think too much about accomplishments like this, and they tend to trivialize it. I for one do not. I understand at some level that this is just a game, but the drive to do this must have been overwhelming. Really would like to travel back and watch it for a few hours ...

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