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Bill Jones


2 Roger Mangum 32.13
3 Oscar Iglesias 30.33
4 Ned Troide 28.08
5 Scott Heyano 26.69
6 Mike McCrary 26.35
7 ericliddell 24.15
8 Connell McCrohan 21.88
9 Ben Gold 20.09
10 Dwayne Andrews 18.44


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Like for the Defender and Robotron tracks, a couple of weeks ago it could be verified, through re-surfaced TG documents, the ’80s scores was achieved using only 3 Ships/Men. The ’80s scores need to be split out, and have a separate tracks created for them.

However, for Defender and Stargate, the information about the difficulty settings (i.e. game speed) was so vague (”Difficulty - #5”) you have to wonder whether the arcades participating in these nationwide tournaments in the 1980s arrived at the same settings (?). 

As there is only one 80’s score left on the list: Scott Heyano’s (there used to be more?), maybe we could do with an *asterisk, and an explanation in a note?

JJT_Defender -

Baiter hunting is point pressing no different than many other video games that have only 5 men only Tournament settings TGSAP.

Can any arcade current or past Defender or Stargate expert players score over 600,000 or a million points easily none.

For arcade Defender there is only 9 players that have scored over 100,000 points.  1st Bill Jones 543,950 baiter hunting. 1st Brundlemoose 360,500 no baiter hunting.

For MAME Defender there is only 1st Dazzer 210,450 baiter hunting.

For arcade Stargate there is only 3 players that have scored over 100,000 plus points. 1st. Bill Jones 284,975 baiter hunting.

For MAME Stargate there is only 4 players that have scored over 100,000 points. 1st, John McAllister Redelf 312,150 no baiter hunting, Dazzer 286,100 baiter hunting

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