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SNES - Mario Circuit 2 [Fastest Lap]
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SUPER MARIO KART (SNES) Virtual Console Change How may I go about getting the SNES Super Mario Kart Virtual Console category looked at for change? You are longer allowed to purchase "Wii Points" and the Wii Shop will be closing down in January 2019. So, if you wanted to try and beat these scores you wouldn't be able to purchase this game (or any other on the Wii). In my opinion this makes this category highly inaccessible to new challengers. Also, if your Wii console breaks and you cannot access save data or get it fixed, you cannot get the game back. In addition I think there are 2 ways to remedy the situation. Taking down the category completely (which I wouldn't want to punish peoples scores). or Allowing for the category to be modified to allow the "SNES Classic Edition" emulation to be allowed , hence making the category. "Wii Virtual Console or SNES Classic" Thanks, Zachary Lynch
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