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glenncase -

Shout out to AntoineD for bringing something to my attention about this game. He was playing the PAL version of the game and wondering why his version has different levels later in the game where you serve aliens, and the bars are split to opposite ends of the screen. I wondered where those were as I played, thinking they had been there when I played the game in my youth. I dismissed this as mixing up my versions of the game, figuring I must have been remembering the Playstation 1 version on one of the Arcade's Greatest Hits compilations.

Well, I did a bit of Google research, and it appears the disc version may be different from the tape and cartridge versions of the game! If my theory is correct, the disc version of Tapper includes extra levels that are not present in the tape/cartridge versions. This would make SOME sense because cartridges and tapes couldn't hold as much information, so they may not have included all of the levels on those releases as a result.

I was initially concerned that I might have to resubmit this score under a new track, but that doesn't appear to be the case. This specific track of the game specifies "This is Sega's cartridge version of the game. Difficulty = Beginner".

Still, it might be a good idea to have a different track of this game for the disc version if it really is different.

AntoineD -

I've made some screenshots of differences i noticed so far. The cartridge version is the only one that looks different.
Was trying to post them as a reply on this discussion but can't add any images here.

Differences are:

* Cartridge has 2 instead of 4 stages
* Cartridge version has less songs
* Cartridge doesn't have blinking hearts
* Cartridge doesn't have animated bar doors in stage 1
* Dancers on Cartridge are both stages the same.
* Cartridge version has cowboy hats in both stages, all other versions have 1 stage cowboy hats other stage caps.
* Mountain Dew cans are smaller on Cartridge.
* the money on the bar goes away faster on Cartridge.

there are covers of the different versions on http://segaretro.org/Tapper 

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