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Myles Miller


2 Ben Mullen 134.45
3 Matthew Buco 130.03
4 Harry Hong 121.71
5 Jesse Kelkar 109.68
6 Svavar Gunnar Gunnarsson 103.50
7 Ted Sotoropolis 101.91
8 Dana Wilcox 98.80
9 Jason Wilson 97.75
10 Frank Westphal 97.56


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RedDawn -

According to the dates here Ben Mullen was the first to achieve a maxout score, so why is he listed 6th?

MegaTech -

the date for ben is wrong, it should be 2012-10-07

RedDawn -

I dont doubt you, that would make perfect sense, but it would help if there was something to show this is the case so that this is to be corrected.
Do you have a link to something or some kind of evidence of this? Something I could maybe show admin so they can change the date?

MegaTech -

ofcorse. Here's the link on his youtube. https://youtu.be/oqPftXUjgbU
If you need more information, there was a tetris documentary called "Ecstasy of Order" made in 2010~ish. In it most of the greatest tetris players get together and have the first world championships. at the time there are 3 players who claim to have a maxout, Thor, Jonas and Harry. Ben is shown to have a Twin galaxies score of 800k~around that time and he himself confirms not having a maxout. So him being listed as 2008 is just a typo.

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