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RudyC3 -
May I ask a valid question regarding submitting performances? I read in the info section that direct game capture is a valid submission,but that communities surrounding the games themselves require different stuff and basically make up their own rules as they go such as requiring the system to be seen being powered on and whatnot. I stream my performances on Twitch and therefore the system isn't seen being turned on and so on since it is the video output of the system being captured, so before I bother even trying to submit anything, would a video capture of the game being played on Game Boy Player be considered valid? I considered emulation for a better picture quality but thought to mystelf that it wouldn't be considered valid then, as it would therefore not be run on legitimate hardware and some may consider that it's harder to tell if cheats are being used or not (though the internals of a Game Boy can just as well be modified in a non-intrusive way to cheat that would not show on camera, for that matter). So my question is simple, would a video capture in that style be considered valid if trimmed to omit failed attempts and then submitted : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/261993447
ConnorTonight -

Solid question, I would also like to know

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