The Combatribes [US]

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terencew -


- 0.125u6: Sonikos added clone The Combatribes (Italian bootleg). Fixed the mess dips location in 'The Combatribes'. Added the missing dips (now are 8x2). Fixed the "Stage Clear Energy" dips. Adjusted the frame rate from 60Hz to around 57Hz as reported on MAMEtester ID 00417. Adjusted OKI frequency to 1MHz (according to recording on MAMEtester ID 00181). Adjusted the volume (according to recording on MAMEtester ID 00181 and 01441). Added 3rd button. Added dipswitches 'Service Mode', 'Stage Clear Energy', 'More Stage Clear Energy' and 4x 'Unused'.

Rule compliant DIPs for 0.126 or later will therefore be: More Stage Clear Energy: Off Stage Clear Energy: 0

terencew -
NOTE: Since 0.173, the conditional DIPs feature of this game affects WolfMAME's inpview. Verify settings with caution! ["More Stage Clear Energy" affects "Stage Clear Energy", noting that these DIPs were modified at 0.125u6]
terencew -

Scoring for this track is the sum of time remaining at the end of each COMPLETED act.


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