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terencew -
NOTE: from 0.127u1 or u2 onwards, "Bonus Life" & "Bonus Occurrence" were consolidated into a single DIP setting, seemingly for convenience. Earlier versions look more like the actual arcade board. Therefore the correct "Bonus Life" setting for 0.128 onwards should be "20k 60k 60k+"

Please note that setting "20K 60K" in 106 is actually 20K 60K 60K+. Please note that 106 does not have a setting that gives you a bonus tank at 20K and 60K only. I am going to create a" tournament" setting for 20K and 60K only, which can be played in later versions of MAME, that has this true setting. 


Please note that I have discovered it is possible to generate an infinite number of bonus tanks, on score at every 60K, by using a technique to continually re-generate the 3 x S letters in the city. The game will play endlessly and scores over 10 million points are possible with this technique. There is no limit to the score (continual rollover occurs).

I suggest this track should state in the rules, that the 3 x S letters in the city can only be used once to be a valid submission. I submitted a score today that only uses the 3 x S letters once in the city, and the leech technique to continually regenerate the 3 x S letters was not used.

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