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Garrett Holland
11-01-2020 at 09:43 PM
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AtariAge New High Score Competition - Season 10 Update

I'm a bit biased, admittedly, but I must say I'm proud of the TG representation in the competition these past two years.

Some stats for the 2020 season:

Regular Season:

78 competitors!

TG members represent 3 of the top 8 players (Gold Medalists), including @nads , and @Rogerpoco

Silver Medalists @Squirrel!! and technically (had the calculation error been caught in time), @Pat Larocque who is now competing in the Bronze bracket.

Bronze Medalist @Lauren Tyler .

Bracket Challenges:

This is a secondary challenge, double-elimination format.

RogerPoco, Squirrel!!, Pat Larocque, and Lauren Tyler have each taken wins and advanced to the Semifinals in their respective brackets tonight.

Congratz to all!


It has come to my attention that "McCallister" at AtariAge is indeed *not* our beloved @redelf . My bad LOL!

  1. Squirrel!!'s Avatar

    The Atari HSC is the main thing that keeps the Atari plugged in. With life getting more hectic and not having the ability to spend some serious time on getting records, this keeps playing the Atari fresh and fun. It's why I haven't missed a season since 2003. :)

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