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Garrett Holland
11-11-2020 at 02:40 PM
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Poll: Good idea or bad idea

Any objection to a small (>$60 USD total) donation drive to acquire a certain something for a certain member? If there are no objections, I'd like to start one. Preferably, there will be a donation cap of $2 or $3 USD per member, hoping to get about 30 members (including myself) to participate.

Look for feedback before I start anything. PM me if you are interested in participating in something like this, or, if the community gives negative feedback on the idea, PM me anyway if you are interested in participating, just not in a public thread.

Post your thoughts. I'd like to start this sooner rather than later. @Jace Hall , please advise if something like this is verboten.

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  1. nads's Avatar

    It’s a very fine gesture.. however this could become a precedent for anyone who wants to compete outside of the US.

    I remember when I bought mine, it’s costs a lot. If I had known there were other options out there I may have looked into those.

    Would another option be to purchase the “other carts” and examine them?

    I really think we should be more open to something that would encourage more people to join.

    Telling them they can only use the one thing, in my is not the way forward for the scoreboard.

    Look I realise this might be out of line, but until someone proves that other carts cause issues, then I think we should be more open to these options.

  2. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    You raise some great points, and none of it is out of line at all, Pete. You're providing exactly what I was looking for, which are honest opinions. I, myself, am open to including other options, and the solution to their inclusion is to do exactly what you suggested, which is to acquire them and then examine them, and then approve or reject them ... *before* anyone submits a performance using them. Given the number of options, that may have the potential to take awhile, and this particular idea I had was a short-term solution for the meantime until the other solution can be done.

    I can definitely see the potential for this kind of idea that I'm asking about to be abused ... and that wouldn't be good at all LOL!

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  3. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    After further consideration, I'm going to take a different route to get this done. ;-)

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    there was been at least one request donations shut down before, so in addition to "where do you draw the line" you also have issues of "how come he could but i couldnt". i'll private message you with details but even left vaguely like this i think yo uget the idea

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  5. Barthax's Avatar

    The gesture certainly speaks volumes for welcoming new participants. :)

    The can of worms it unravels, yeah. Something for private discussion - lots of members have helped or donated to others in the past but it is something that typically remains unadvertised.

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