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Garrett Holland
01-11-2021 at 02:01 PM
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In the TG Doghouse?

Preface: It really isn't *that* big of a deal, BUUUUUT....

I no longer have the ability to add attachments to comments, specifically and exclusively within submission comments. (I can, for example, add an attachment here if I so pleased). Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I was wondering if I just unknownimgly borked a profile setting or if I was put into the Naughty Boys' Club(tm) for being spammy.

What say you, dear @admin staff ?

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I'm not adding anything to this, so I am sorry, Man, but can't help but comment-

    It's SOOO much better now, but the Wonky used to be really prevelant-for my first two or three years here, I could NOT "cancel" a submission(no longer an option).

    Not sure why, it just wouldn't work.

    I remember many other "gremlins", pressed to think of details now(Mmm-couldn't upload pics taken from a cellphone for a while-could before, can now...), so you just may have added water, or fed the damned thing after midnight.


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  2. Jace Hall's Avatar

    It's probably a security side-effect relating to permissions. I'm sure @admin staff will look into it.

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  3. sdwyer138's Avatar

    It changed, and you have to go down to the bottom to find attachments. Its very clunky.

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  4. Barthax's Avatar

    The drag & drop functionality is javascript, so make sure you haven't added some extensions to your browser that cause blocking of scripts (& if so, perhaps add as an exception).

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