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Garrett Holland
05-26-2021 at 10:07 PM
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    (Don't get mad at me for providing a different P.O.V....)


    I think for the mainstream, that's a pretty fair statement.

    Many of us here are long-time hardcore, and have always understood, never strayed-self NOT included.

    Rehashing some stories, I remember getting the Activision Anthology(not my current copy)for PS1, and thinking, oh, so sad, noone is ever really going to play these games seriously again.

    I was playing the RPG's with cutscenes, and probably Tony Hawk, haha.

    I'd grown up old enough to be very aware of the early gen consoles, but I just wasn't good at them, I feel I was a tad young, but prolly I just wasn't any good, haha!

    Matter of fact, I was playing the most current PC F-1 game when I found TG, would have probably wound up doing the I-Racing, being famous by now. ( :P ).

    So, tho it's been a while now, I'm still new to retro really, five, six years, and for the first several years, people around me REALLY didn't seem to understand.

    More and more tho, people are saying "Ah, I understand now"-my Brother in Law got a 1-up, enjoys it, etc, etc, so not that there was really a stigma until recently, there was less understanding from Average Joe "just" living in 2021.

    I dunno-mebbe I just like to feel proud that I think I got in on the ground floor, was one of the early New People.

    Like or not, emulation availability has surely helped, and to me that's always been the importance of emulation, so that modern people can still enjoy classic titles.

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    Retro is the damn future, those fools!!!

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