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09-20-2019 at 09:29 AM
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Retro Consoles rock with modern Accessories

Now that I have the SNES to a working point, I've discovered just now nice it is to play these retro consoles with all the modern accessories available.

In this case, first, I have the video output through the HD Retrovision SNES component cable - and wow, does it look nice. Having been playing the Genesis, NES, Saturn, and a few others all through composite, seeing the SNES video on component is just so good. Nice and clear, even with the older (pre-1 chip) SNES that isn't as crisp in the pixel definition. It's just the right level of sharpness, and looks so good on my 55" 4k TV.

Second, I have my 8BitDo SF30 controller and the SNES receiver - meaning I get to play with a controller that's designed in the SNES form factor (with a few additions to work well with the Switch and other modern consoles), but is wireless. So I get to sit and relax on the couch and play, or sit at my desk and record, without having to lean over due to wires or shift everything around the room to just barely reach my desk.

I'll definitely be picking up the HD Retrovision cables for the Genesis and Saturn soon, so those also get to look as good as they deserve with the original hardware. And then also the 8BitDo Genesis receiver, because why should only my NES and SNES get in on the wireless action? I highly recommend all this stuff to anyone else looking to find the right balance of retro and modern.

  1. EVN's Avatar

    How's the lag on the Bluetooth controllers? It bothers me too much to play that way.

    I got one of these for my Genesis though:

    Pretty pleased with it!

  2. GibGirl's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by EVN

    How's the lag on the Bluetooth controllers? It bothers me too much to play that way.

    I haven't had any problem so far, but I haven't been playing anything that's been tight on timing yet. Of course, it's not like I don't also have a bit of video lag too, as I'm still just using the TV's internal upscaler.

    I definitely haven't had any of the lag issues that I've seen other people reporting.

  3. thegamer1185's Avatar

    Yep, all these things are pretty fucking awesome. I had lag on a few games but changing the TV to game mode fixed that right up. It's awesome sitting back playing the NES with no cord. Same goes for the SNES.

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