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12-29-2019 at 12:08 PM
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Learning to appreciate Ms. Pac-Man!

So over the last few days, I've started working toward my first Atari 7800 record... which I've decided should be Ms. Pac-Man! There have been some good hours of streaming going on for this too, as I go from never having really played Ms. Pac-Man much, to learning the game.

I will say I've gained a lot of respect for the game and for all of you who are good at Pac-Man in the process of doing this. I've managed to push up to close to 90k, but DANG does the game get fast and stressful even at that point! I'm wondering how much skill improvement it's going to take to push through to get that record - as I've noticed there seems to be a wall around the 75k mark that's awfully challenging. So far, it's only been good fruit luck and some clean play through the end of Act 2 that seems to allow me to push even as far as I have.

Anyway, if anyone wants to observe me trying to make this happen, I hope to keep streaming frequently through this week with my time off - and maybe I can break the record before I have to return to the normal work life...

  1. nurtuo's Avatar
    I saw some great playing there and I am sure you can get near or beyond the High Score. Keep on pushing, your doing great.
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  2. GibGirl's Avatar

    And going live right now for a few hours if anyone wants to hop in!

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