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01-18-2017 at 08:02 PM
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Atari 2600 - Missing PAL Tracks

There’s been discussion about missing PAL tracks for the Atari 2600, which probably should have been added along with the NTSC tracks.

Here’s a list of Atari 2600 games that are missing PAL tracks. It’s not a complete list, but includes games that are the most competitive on the NTSC version.

Adventure (2B & 3B)

Adventures of Tron (1B)

Air Raid (1B)

Airlock (1B - Most Time Remaining)

Air-Sea Battle (All Tracks)

Alien (1B)

Astro War (1B)

Astroblast (1B & 1A - 15 min)

Bank Heist (1B)

Beany Bopper (1B)

Bermuda Triangle (1B)

Blueprint (1B)

Bobby is Going Home (1B)

Bowling (1B)

Buck Rogers (1B)

Bugs (1B)

Bugs Bunny (1B)

Bumper Bash (1B)

Burger Time (1B)

Cakewalk (1B)

Canyon Bomber (1B & 7B)

Casino (1B, 2B, 3B)

Cat Trax (1B)

Challenge (1B)

Challenge of Nexar (1B)

Championship Soccer / Pele's Soccer (28B, 30A)

Chase the Chuckwagon (1B)

Coconuts (1B)

Concentration (2B, 4B, 6B, 8B)

Condor Attack (1B)

Congo Bongo (1B)

Crackpots (1B)

Crash Dive (1B)

Crossforce (1B)

Cruise Missile (1B)

Crypts of Chaos (1B)

Dancing Plates (1B)

Dark Cavern (1B)

Deadly Duck (1B)

Death Trap (1B)

Decathlon (All Tracks)

Demolition Herby (1B)

Dishaster (1B)

Donkey Kong Junior (1B)

Earth Dies Screaming (1B)

Eggomania (1A, 1B)

Encounter at L-5 (1B)

Entombed (1B)

Fantastic Voyage (1B)

Farmyard Fun (1B)

Fast Eddie (1B)

Fast Food (1B)

Fathom (1B)

Fire Fighter (1B - Fastest)

Fire Fly (2B)

Fishing Derby (1B - Biggest Blowout)

Flag Capture (8B)

Flash Gordon (1B)

Frankenstein's Monster (1B)

Freeway (5B, 6B, 7B, 8B)

Frog Pond (1B)

Frogger 2 (1B)

Frogs & Flies (1B)

Front Line (1B, 4B)

G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike (1B)

Galaxian (1B)

Garfield (1B)

Gas Hog (1B)

Gauntlet (1B)

Ghostbusters (1B)

Golf (1A, 1B)

Gopher (1B)

Gravitar (1B)

Gremlins (1B)

Guardian (1B)

Gyruss (1B)

Halloween (1B)

I Want My Mommy (1B)

Ice Hockey (3B - Biggest Blowout)

Ikari Warriors (1B)

Indy 500 (All Tracks)

Indy 500 XE (All Tracks)

Infiltrate (1B)

Jawbreaker (1B)

Jaws (1B)

Journey Escape (Dollars)

King Kong (1B)

Kool-Aid Man (1B)

Krull (1B)

Lock N' Chase (1B)

Lost Luggage (1B)

M*A*S*H* (1B, 3B, 5B, 7B)

M.A.D. (1B)

Marauder (1B)

Masters of the Universe (1B)

Mega Force (1B)

Millipede (1B)

Miner 2049er (1B)

Motocross Racer (1B)

Mountain King (1B)

Mr. Do! (1B)

Mr. Do's Castle (1B)

Name This Game / Octopus (1B)

No Escape! (1B)

Nuts (1B)

Off the Wall (1B)

Off Your Rocker (1A)

Oink! (1B)

Omega Race (1B)

Parachute (1B)

Pengo (1B)

Pepsi Invaders (1B)

Picnic (1B)

Piece O'Cake (1B)

Pigs in Space (1B)

Plaque Attack (1B)

Polaris (1B)

Pooyan (1B)

Popeye (1B)

Porky's (1B)

Princess Rescue (1B)

Private Eye (4B, 5B)

Q*Bert's Qubes (1B)

Raiders of the Lost Ark (1B)

Rampage (1B)

Real Sports Baseball, Boxing, Football, Volleyball

Revenge of the Beefsteak Tomatoes (1B)

Riddle of the Sphinx (1B)

River Raid (1A - 15 min, 1B)

River Raid II (1B)

Robot Tank (1B)

Room of Doom (All Tracks)

Save Mary (1B)

SCSIcide (1A, 1B)

Scuba Diver (1B)

Sea Hawk (1B)

Sea Wolf (1B)

Shark Attack / Lochjaw (1B)

Shootin' Gallery (1B)

Sinistar (1B)

Sir Lancelot (1B)

Skatebordin' (Fastest Completion, Most Obstacles)

Skeet Shoot (1A, 1B)

Skiing (Most Tracks)

Sky Jinks (2B, 3B, 4B, 5B)

Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle (1B)

Solar Storm (1B)

Space Cavern (1B)

Space Cavern (35A, 39A)

Space Invaders (1A - 15 min, 1A)

Space Jockey (1B)

Space War (16B)

Spacechase (1B)

Spider Fighter (1B)

Spider-Man (1B)

Sprintmaster (All Tracks)

Squeeze Box (1B)

Sssnake (1B)

Stampede (1B)

Star Fire (1B)

Star Fox (2B)

Star Ship (4B, 11B, 14B)

Star Trek (1B)

Star Voyager (1A, 1B)

Street Racer (All Tracks)

Sub-Scan (1B)

Summer Games (All Tracks)

Superman (1B)

Survival Run (1B)

Tapper (1B)

Tax Avoiders (1B)

Taz (1B)

Threshold (1B)

Tooth Protectors (1B)

Towering Inferno (1B)

Track & Field (All Tracks)

Trick Shot (1T)

Tron Deadly Discs (1B)

Turmoil (1B)

Up 'N Down (1B)

Video Jogger (1B)

Video Pinball (1A, 1B)

Wabbit (1B)

Wall Defender (1B)

Warplock (1B)

Winter Games (All Tracks)

Word Zapper (1B - Most Time Remaining)

Zaxxon (1B)


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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    This whole PAL/NTSC thing is something I am putting some time into understanding.
    Not sure if you saw, Greg, on the Motocross subs a few of us are playing with-
    Some of the games listed as NTSC records on real hardware are games that are PAL only, Sun-Tek and HomeVision games most specifically. You will see different on Atari Age, but I honestly think they are wrong.

    I think(Big thing here...)...
    TG should maybe institute a few members on each platform, you and Nads on 2600, Al and Timmell mebbe on INT, Copley seems to know the INT well, and I am sure Snow would fit in there somewhere, Genno on the 16 bitters, and create committees for specific platforms to sort through the games and straighten out the wordings, etc.
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