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05-27-2018 at 07:03 PM
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Buzz Bomber - Intellivision Could have been a world record.

Was messing around with Buzz Bomber could barley get 60k points. Then during practice the magical game finally happens.

Here are a few snippets from where it went from really good to really bad then really good again.

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  1. Gsampson35's Avatar
    Final 4 minuets of gameplay.
  2. datagod's Avatar
    When I was in grade 5, so that was like early 80's, my mom would play this game for hours. I was at home for lunch, she started up a game. I went back to school, came home and she was still playing on the same game. I don't know the score, but I thought it was close to a million. She was the best Buzz Bomber player I ever saw. She can't remember much about it now, as she is quite elderly.

    In your own experience, what kind of a score can you get in 4 hours of play? I would like to think she really got over a million, but I have no idea. 12 year old's recollection and all that.

  3. Snowflake's Avatar
    yeah grade 5 was the early 80s for you, the early 1880s!
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  4. lexmark's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by datagod
    When I was in grade 5, so that was like early 80's,
    What. You trying to tell us that you're only about 48 years old? If that's the case, you need to get yourself a more flattering avatar pic, Bill :) :)


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  5. datagod's Avatar
    You are only as old as you smell. Thanks for being antisocial!
  6. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by datagod
    You are only as old as you smell.
    Phew, Buddy...
    I pushed myself up to, like, 125 years old between showers last week.

    I checked, no one has officially ever lived that long, so technically that wasn't a statement that anyone could take personally offensive...
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  7. datagod's Avatar
    Ok, now that we have all showered and are young again, can anyone estimate my mom's score on Buzz Bombers? She played for close to 4 hours on disc setting!
  8. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    If you're sure it was one game, it would have exceeded 10 Million Points. (Which IS possible). The programmer designed the scoreboard to compute ... up to 999 Million points - an incredibly optimistic expectation of what the players are able to do.

    For amateur players (other than your mother) - One million points is deserving of a personal shrine in the head office at Intellivision Incorporated.

    Your mother is the best Buzz Bombers player on earth !! Let her know !
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